About the Press

Silent Voices Press was officially launched  in 2018. After the success of Silent Voices Project, we decided to start producing our own beautiful print books and to open up the theme of silent voices to include all silent voices, not just those of the ordinary women of history, which is how we started. There are many silent voices in this world – and we want them to be heard – so please check our submission pages for more information.

Please join us on our journey to bring the past back to life, or wonder at the silence of today.

Karen Jane Cannon,

About the Editor

Karen Jane Cannon is the creator and chief editor at Silent Voices Press. She is an English PhD candidate at the University of Southampton, and a poet and author. Her debut poetry pamphlet, Emergency Mints, was published by Paper Swans Press in 2018. She was a finalist in the Mslexia Poetry Competition 2017 and commended for The Flambard Poetry Prize 2014. Her novel, Powder Monkey, was published by Phoenix in 2003. Karen has an MA in Creative Writing from Bath Spa University. She has previously conducted a major Arts Council funded writing residency for Somerset Library Service and trained initially as a family and community historian. You can read more about Karen here

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